Intuitive Painting with Tracy Verdugo

Returned from a couple of days in Brighton on a course run by the lovely Australian artist Tracy Verdugo and feel sooo inspired to paint, lots of colour whooshing around the canvas, or as it’s transpired – 3 that I now have on the go!

I’ve long admired Tracy’s free flow creativity and the vibrancy of her paintings and now that I’ve spent a weekend painting with her, love it even more!  The colours just pop and evoke smiles, you cannot be down looking at one of these paintings.  For me the most rewarding part of the course was layering, of course I’d done it many times but this showed me a different angle and I just love the results.  Seeing the form in what looked like a colourful mess was a revelation.  Whichever way I turned the canvas, the cockerel appeared, no idea why but decided not to resist and just go with it.  At the time I thought ‘it’s ok, it’s a start” and thought it was destined to life in the garage as is usual for me, however now that I’ve lived with it for 48 hours, I like it more and more and I think it may just sneak out of the dark and find a place on the wall!