Untangling Our Oceans

Marine debris is a huge problem in the worlds oceans.  It’s estimated that at any given time there is over 5.25 trillion pieces of rubbish in the seas, a truly staggering amount.  We have all seen the pictures and videos of the sea turtles wrapped in plastic, struggling to move,or the plastic and garbage-filled stomachs of dead birds.

If, like me, you look at these images with frustration, anger and despair and wonder what can we do to start the long process of disentangling our oceans from the plastic garbage, a small ray of hope has appeared.  One company, Saltwater Brewery  has made a giant leap by creating the first edible, biodegradable packaging that marine life can consume with no negative health consequences.  Let’s hope that it catches on and more companies go down the more considered environmental route.

I’ve also stumbled upon a fantastic environmental site that educates and creates art from the debris collected by volunteers cleaning up the beaches.  Washed Ashore  create art from

rubbish found in the sea and on the beaches with the aim of educating a global audience about plastic pollution in the worlds oceans.  The sculptures are fantastic, colourful, large scale and

serve to educate that this is made from crap that’s been pulled out of the ocean.