About Us

Trish Bullman – Visits to galleries and museums used to have to suffice as my artistic ‘fix’ when I was experiencing the sensible years of my life.  I would always be inspired to create and yearned to be able to release some form of artistic expression. I recognised that art had to be incorporated into my life on a more permanent basis rather than just sporadic episodes so in 2005 I began an art foundation course, which I followed with a B.A (Hons) in photography.  I love the immediacy of capturing a unique moment in time that photography affords but eventually realised that no particular medium or style satisfied all my artistic aspirations and experimental nature.

I became interested in the possibilities of turning recycling into art whilst living in Africa for 10 years.  Where resources are scarce or prohibitively expensive, creativity comes into force and I was amazed at the many variations I saw scrap/junk being used for, all of it either practical or beautiful, proving art is possible on a budget. I started collecting  pieces, many I still have today and the ethos of using scrap forms the basis for my work today.   My work now includes paint, bottle caps, photos, recycled materials and paper as I enjoy incorporating texture for a tactile and three dimensional effect.

Pete has spent many years working within the creative sector for large blue chip companies including Disney, Pepsi, Walkers and Nestle to name but a few. Although still working in the real world, he combines his passion for imagery and love of pop culture to create quirky furniture and digital prints.  Pete is also the author of My Old Man’s a Busman, which ‘fuses family stories, celebrity encounters, anecdotes and musings to take readers back to the classic cultures of yesteryear. From the excitement of settling down to watch Top of the Pops in the 70’s, fancying Suzi Quatro, World Cups, Elvis obsession, Pop Art and stealing Robbie Williams underpants – Gilbert takes readers on a humorous and sometimes ‘wicked’ journey that will send memory cells firing and fingers frantically navigating search engines.’

Whitesnapper is the home of exclusive, quirky and fun art. Along with the items on sale here, if you have an idea for a piece you’d like to have commissioned, feel free to contact us with your ideas.